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Our team of Research Analysts conduct in-depth research on the economy, companies, industry fundamentals and technical analytics in order to generate sound investment ideas and comprehensive research reports for our clients. Clients at Mercury Securities are always kept abreast of the latest market developments in order to make the best informed financial decisions.

Our research reports are available and published in Bursa Malaysia, Bloomberg, and FactSet website. In addition, our Senior Analysts are frequently interviewed by English and Chinese media (Business Times, The Star, The Edge, Focus Malaysia etc.) to comment on industry and company developments as well as major economic issues.

Currently, we conduct research on small and medium cap companies listed on Bursa Malaysia to improve their visibility and share liquidity through CMDF Bursa Research Scheme (CBRS). Our partnership with Bursa strives to improve capital market efficiency and to build a comprehensive trading and investment platform for both domestic and foreign investors.